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Venture Highlight: Students Design Independent Ventures

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Compass offers students the opportunity to employ entrepreneurial mindsets and use community-engaged project-based learning (venture projects) to inspire deep learning of academic, social-emotional, and 21st Century essential skills. Venture projects may be group-based or individual—especially as students advance to higher levels.

Here, Upper School students share the details of their current Independent Venture and the community members supporting them in their learning!

Student: Anna
Age: 14
Problem Statement: People find microbiology to be a scary and intimidating subject and therefore are unwilling to learn about it. 
Community Partners: CSU Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology students and Katie Boisen’s 4th grade class at Zach Elementary 
Project Findings: “Science does not need to be cold, instead it is a discipline filled with curiosity, wonder, and compassion.”

Zach Elementary School Logo

Student: Lucille
Age: 15
Problem Statement: Wetlands hold great significance in the health of our earth but few people know about the threats they face. 
Community Partners: AloTerra Restoration Services, LLC and CSU Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Project Findings: “Since wetlands provide more services than goods it’s hard for people to see their significance to the sustainability of our community.”

Wetlands Project

Student: Dallon Hoffman
Age: 16
Problem Statement: There is no clear path to success for artists and musicians. 
Community Partners: Adam Fallik and his professional band, Wasteland Hop
Project Findings: “Creative professionals must put aside their fears in order to pursue successful careers.”

Wasteland Hop

Student: Chloe
Age: 14
Problem Statement: Inequities in Education Persist into Adulthood
Community Partners: Cerissa Stevenson and CSU Early Childhood Center
Project Findings: Preschool is important to building a solid foundation to secure emotional and academic success in the future.

Student: Leilani
Age: 14
Problem Statement: Creativity is often stifled by too many expectations, too little guidance, and the everyday demands of living.
Community Partners: Lisa Morgan and Judy Bejarano, and the CSU Dance Program
Project Findings: In order to produce a creative piece, you must put yourself out there and be willing to be vulnerable.

Student: Alaina
Age: 16
Problem Statement: Youth are not politically engaged Community Partners: The CSU Poli-Science Student Group and Fort Collins Attorney General
Project Findings: There is so much complexity to politics that it is amazing we are so divided by only two points of view.

Independent Ventures