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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

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Compass friends and families, there is a lot to say about education in a pandemic. Should schools open for in-person learning or not? If not now, when? Can remote learning really be engaging academically and socially? So many questions, so many decisions, so much quick pivoting, so much uncertainty every day and everywhere. There are passionate and conflicting beliefs when it comes to just about everything it seems.

One place where passionate belief is not conflicting, however, and it is instead, leading to deep, authentic learning is right here at Compass Community Collaborative School. Compass staff has been hard at work all summer long pulling impact levers on our school model to create an even more powerful way for your kids to connect to each other, to staff, to their interests, and to their natural curiosity. Our students will grow in independence and confidence this year whether they are learning in your living room or in our school building’s creative learning environment. Together, we will become better readers, writers, mathematicians, researchers, designers, and creators. We are laser-focused on what is really important right now, and we are committed to helping your kids learn the skills they need to weather this turbulent time and all that the promise and problems the future may hold. There is no conflict. There is no doubt.

There is that saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, and I think of our school that way. But it isn’t that simple. It’s not all about toughness. It’s about courage, vulnerability, teamwork, clarity of vision, and a deep and abiding love for your children and our community. Are we tough? Sure! Bring on budget cuts! Throw a pandemic at us in our second year of operation and let it last through our third year, too. We’ve got this…because we have each other and we have you, and all of us have the most important mission in the world.

It is an honor to serve as the leader of this school, and a privilege to serve your families.

Stay well and welcome back to school!