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Category: Student Accomplishments

Reflections From a Compass Graduate

The public school system serves its purpose of providing information to the student body, but it seems like it doesn’t go beyond that. I recognize the privilege I have in getting to go to a school of my choice, especially one that focuses more on experiences than grades.

A Look Back at Coding for Global Goals Venture

Congratulations, students, on such a wonderful end to the Coding for Global Goals venture. I'm proud and happy to share that each student that started a micro:bit project finished their project, and submitted it to the do your :bit competition. There were some really wonderful student inventions that addressed the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A Game Changing Year for Robotics Club

It's full steam ahead for the Compass Community Collaborative School LEGO Robotics Club. This year, for the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students have been tasked with stepping into the world of sports, play and fitness—moving, collaborating, competing and celebrating.

Give Them a Mile, They Run the Distance

If the enthusiasm of the new 6th and 7th-graders and their families is any measure of success, this year is off to a great start! Our learning model is designed to support students in learning academic and problem-solving (design thinking) skills by working on topics that are relevant and exciting to them. What happens when you let students take the reins on this kind of learning?

Compass Students Win No Barriers Challenge

Compass students won the Global Impact Challenge—and with it—a $5000 award! World-class educators from around the country applied to participate in the No Barriers and Wells Fargo project, a diversity and inclusion competition designed to spark the best ideas from students for building a world free of barriers, stereotypes and discrimination.

Science and Engineering for the WIN!

Congratulations to the Compass students who competed at the regional Colorado Science and Engineering Fair last Wednesday! Everyone brought home an award, which is particularly awesome ESPECIALLY for first-time contestants.

Students Qualify at Silver Level of National Math Club

Compass has qualified for the Silver Level of the National Math Club, and will move on to consideration for Gold! Over a dozen students have contributed to the group’s efforts, with our official MathCounts team of Clara, Dylan G., Finn, and Jaden meeting four days per week to work on math problems.

And the Winners Are…

On Thursday April 4th, five students from Compass presented their third quarter venture project as part of a competition put on by Federal Emergency Management Agency and Earth Force, the Denver-based nonprofit with whom Sam Gleeson’s students partnered in designing flood mitigation and emergency preparedness projects.